Custom Coins

Custom Coins

Challenge coins have been used as a way to honour, encourage, and reward individuals for their special achievements or to mark special events. Challenge coins have become a collectable item. Group members are encouraged to carry their challenge coins at all times as a symbol of devotion.

Our coins can be made from the finest materials such as zinc, alloy, and brass with shiny/matte/antique or mirror finishing. Popular are sizes 38 mm/42mm /50mm. We can make 2D, and 3D designs but we welcome all custom designs.  We also provide various types of trolley tokens/caddy coins, just ask!

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Custom CoinsCustom CoinsCustom Coins

Order process and questions


Submit design

Submit your design ideas and details through our contact form below or by contacting our customer care team.


Initial estimate

We’ll provide you with an initial estimate and design proof within 24 hours of your submission.


Free revisions

If needed, we offer free revisions until we get the design exactly how you envisioned it.


Final approval

Lastly, once you approve your final proof and complete the final invoice payment we will send your project to production.


What is the minimum order amount?

We usually recommend starting at 100 pc. There are various price point breaks based on the quantity that provide some great savings.


How long is shipping and production time?

Production takes generally 3 weeks. Shipping time is 3-5 days.


What type of artwork files do you accept?

We prefer images to be in .EPS or .AI formats, if possible. Otherwise, we accept .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .PPT, .DOC, .PDF, .BMP, .TIFF, .PSD and .CDR


What are your packing options?

Leather Box/ Plastic Box/ Paper Box/ Velvet Box etc.

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What you need to know about custom challenge coins?

Custom challenge coins are basically personalized coins designed according to your specific requirements. You can add text, images, logos and other graphics to make them unique and fit a specific event.

How do organizations or militaries use custom coins?

Challenge coins are used to foster a sense of camaraderie within an organization or as a reward for exceptional service and accomplishments.

In recent years, challenge coins have also become popular among law enforcement agencies, fire departments, first responders and other state agencies.

How are custom business coins advantageous to the organizations?

Organizations use challenge coins to market and promote their brand, cause or the organization itself.

The big advantage of custom coins lies in their price. They can be mass-produced which makes them a more cost-effective option compared to other forms of recognition, such as plaques or trophies.

Challenge coin history

Custom and challenge coins have been used for centuries to promote and recognize achievements. They are believed to have originated during the Roman Empire. Roman soldiers were awarded “coins” for their bravery in battle. These coins were made of bronze and had the image of the emperor on one side and the army’s emblem on the other.

The first challenge coins in the United States were created during World War I. Army Air Corps units started giving out coins to members as a way to boost morale. The tradition quickly spread to other military units like the air force, navy, marine corps and coast guard.

During World War II, challenge coins were used to identify friendly troops in the midst of battle. They became known as ” blood chits.” If a soldier was captured and showed his coin to the enemy, he would be protected from harm.

Canadian military coins

Canadian military challenge coin tradition dates back to the early days of the country’s military history. The first recorded instance of military challenge coins being used by the Canadian military was during the Boer War when service members from the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment were given coins to wear around their necks.

The practice of giving out challenge coins to soldiers became more widespread during the First World War when Canadian units began minting their own coins to hand out to members of their units in the armed forces, navy and air force.

What is a typical challenge coin design?

Custom challenge coins come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials, including gold, silver, brass, and bronze. Most coins are round and have a diameter of about an inch (2.54 cm).

They usually have some sort of design on one or both sides, which may include the company logo, a motto, or other imagery. Many custom challenge coins are minted with a raised edge, called an “emanation line”, which helps to protect the design.

How do we make challenge coins?

The process of minting coins begins with a design. The designer creates a sketch or digital file of the custom coin they want to create. This design is then sent to a manufacturer.

We will create a die, or mold, of the coin design. This die is used to strike the metal blank that will become the custom coin. Once the die is created, the metal blank is placed on a hydraulic press. The press uses extreme force to strike the die and create coins.

After the coin is struck, it goes through a process called “finishing” which can add colour or plating. Once the coin is finished, it is sent to the customer for approval. Once the customer approves the coin, it is ready to be used or displayed.

Government challenge coins

The Canadian government awards challenge coins to employees who have performed an exemplary service or have achieved a significant milestone. The challenge coin tradition started in the military but has since spread to other organizations and government agencies.

The Royal Canadian Mint has produced challenge custom coins for various government departments and agencies, including the Department of National Defence, the RCMP, and the Canada Revenue Agency. Each custom coin is designed to reflect the department or agency’s mandate and values.

The RCMP challenge coin features the force’s crest and motto, “Maintiens le droit”, the Canada Revenue Agency coin bears the agency’s logo and slogan, “Truth, Service, Fairness”, the Department of National Defence challenge coin features the Canadian Forces’ crest and motto, “Vigilance, Service, Excellence”.

Other government agencies that have released challenge coins include Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and Veterans Affairs Canada.


Hope you learned a lot about challenge coins. Contact us if you need custom coins.

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